Amazon Reaches New Milestone by Collecting 10,000 Alexa Skills

Amazon Reaches New Milestone by Collecting 10,000 Alexa Skills


There are now 10,000 skills available on the Alexa platform – a new milestone for e-commerce giant Amazon that has dabbled extensively in the smart home industry.

The number of available skills has been fast-growing. One-and-a-half years ago Amazon officially released Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) for third-party developers. And one year after ASK’s launch, the number of skills reached 1,000, in June 2016.

By September 2016, the number tripled to 3,000, and in January 2017, the number surpassed 7,000. And a month later the number reached 10,000.

The Amazon Alexa accomplishment has been truly amazing. Still, many challenges lie ahead.

Apple’s App Store is a case in point. The marketplace has two million apps available in mid-2016. While it is a huge success, there are also pains for developers. The sheer number of apps makes it harder to reach target users.

The same problem exists in Alexa’s store as well. According to a report published recently by voice-app analytics startup VoiceLabs, 69% of the Alexa skills has not yet been reviewed by users.

Furthermore, only 3% of voice apps were used again one week after they were enabled. One week after being used for the first time, mobile apps in Android and iOS systems have an average 11% to 13% retention rate.

Every week Amazon sends emails to Alexa users about featured and recently added skills. The company has also launched an online Alexa skills store to let users leave ratings and reviews. As more voice skills pile up, the platform may include new mechanisms to showcase the skills: editor’s picks, recommended skills and best productivity skills, to name a few.

“Missing platform capabilities like social awareness and direct communication are must-haves in 2017,” the VoiceLabs report says. The missing parts could mean new marketing opportunities or new business models in the future.

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